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Distance Learning Testimonials

Distance Learning Testimonials

Robert Ogles

Instructor of Distance Learning

Prior to my first course for Distance Learning, I had primarily taught large-lecture courses for 25 years. For me, the fundamental elements of large-lecture instruction (e.g., clearly stated course objectives, statistically reliable exams) easily transferred to an online format. Adding voice recordings to existing PowerPoint slides was especially worth the effort, because the process forced me to explain difficult concepts cogently.

I have nothing but high praise for the Distance Learning staff, who in the span of about four weeks taught me how to use Adobe Presenter, and also how to make better use of Blackboard. I was then able to incorporate those new skills as I revised and improved my on-campus courses.

My experience with distance education has been quite positive. Iíve especially enjoyed communicating with off-campus students and their exam proctors. In sum, distance-learning instruction has been a good fit, not only for me personally, but also for the type of content I teach.

Robert M. Ogles
Brian Lamb School of Communication