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Course Development Guidelines

Digital Education (DE) invites proposals for the development of new online courses. Courses developed under this proposal must be offered in the Summer and Fall 2016.


The purpose of this initiative is to facilitate the design and implementation of new online sections of Purdue undergraduate courses, thereby expanding the accessibility of needed courses to Purdue West Lafayette students. DE funds the transformation of face-to-face courses to an online format and provides the training and support necessary, and follows up with research and assessment on how the online environment supports student success. It is expected that courses developed under this initiative will be offered at least three times; DE will support instructional costs.


Any full-time, part-time, tenured or non-tenured faculty members are eligible to apply.


Click on the button below and fill-out the form.

Online Course
Development Application

All applicants will be notified about the status of their course proposal by the end of the academic term in which they apply.


Online Learning personnel will review applications and make funding decisions based on the following:

  1. Serves a large number of students.
  2. Enrolls students from a variety of majors.
  3. Is part of the Core Curriculum
  4. Existing sections operate at or near capacity, or have a substantial wait list
  5. At least one online section can be offered in the fall, spring and summer
  6. Could be taught by different instructors as demand dictates


If the proposal is funded, the following is expected:

  1. Developers must complete online course development training. Average development time is approximately twelve to sixteen weeks, but varies according to preparation and course.
  2. Developers will meet with a DE instructional designer to construct the course according to established best practices.
  3. The instructor agrees to participate in research and assessment related to online education. This will include, but is not limited to, student surveys, instructor surveys, and focus groups.
  4. The instructor and the DE designer will review the final course construct using a best-practices course design rubric.

After the completion of the project, awardees may be requested to share their experience and expertise with colleagues, for example, in grant preparation briefings for prospective applicants, a teaching conference presentation, a DE program, or one-on-one or group peer consulting with a colleague.

We welcome questions at any time in the process. Questions related to design and instruction should be addressed to Lead Instructional Designer Chad Mueller at chadmueller@purdue.edu or 494-1902. Questions related to funding or administration can be addressed to Associate Director Maricel A. Lawrence at lawren36@purdue.edu or 494-1664.