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Undergraduate Nondegree Seeking FAQs

How Do I Apply to Purdue Extended Campus?
If you have not taken a course from Purdue West Lafayette in the last three previous semesters, then you need to complete the online application and be admitted to Purdue before you can be registered for any courses. The application instructions can be found here.

Can I Use the Employee Benefit-Related Fee Remissions for Courses Offered by Purdue Extended Campus?
No, Purdue Extended Campus (PEC) provides an extensive array of continuing education, professional development, and workforce training opportunities for working adults. Because these programs reach beyond the University’s typical audience of on-campus students, they do not use state monies. They are conducted on a financially self-sustaining basis, such that all expenses associated with the activity must be met by student fees or other external revenue. Because of this requirement, Purdue staff fee remissions and other University-based remissions do not apply for PEC-administered activities that are designed to serve nontraditional learners on a self-supporting basis. For a definition of self-supporting programs, see University Policy V.B.4

I Need to Request a Transcript
Contact the Office of the Registrar or download a transcript request form

I have a Computer Questions
Contact our office or Information Technology at Purdue.

How do I set up my Career Account?
Every student needs to set up their Purdue student computer access. Click here for instructions.